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Are you about to take a step for the hunt of the cheapest products near you? Wait! We are offering an exciting Smartphone app that is the easiest navigation of the cheapest products near you.

Our Features

The cheapest app hoards a variety of features that embraces a navigation system, locating nearest stores, availability of products with the cheapest price and searching through zip codes. Our objective is to endow a user with an ease of discovering the cheapest products through their Smartphone.

Mobile User

The cheapest mobile app helps to search out the cheapest product nearest your location. Smartphone users desire things to be at their finger touch. We endeavor to service that untapped market.

Leadership Team

Our team possesses a passion for serving an untapped market. Differentiation tactic is amongst our competitive strategies as there are very few grocery related apps on digital stores and users. We intend to dominate this market. 

About us

We were on the rolling skates in the hunt for searching cheapest products hence we came up with an idea for ‘The cheapest app’. We are the bridge between you and your local shopping solutions in this complex world of technology.


Every individual wants to buy their desired product within a limited budget. Which seems to be impossible for a few, but the cheapest app gives your budget a hand with the nearest store.


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We don’t think you are keen to walk from store to store, area to area in search of the cheapest product. Give the cheapest app a try.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    How I can track any product that is near to my location and should be cheap?
    You can track any store and product that is near to your location through location based service technology that is compatible with this app. There are numerous products in pour data base according to stores which will give you information about your desired product.
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    Frequently Asked Question

    Does your app search for the branded accessories too?
    Yes our app does have branded stores and their products in our database but not all stores because of the main usage of this app i.e. to search the cheapest product near your location from the small brands as it can be purchased by an average income household.
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    Frequently Asked Question

    Can we get any daily or weekly update for the discounts on products we are interested in?
    No! Users can not get any update regarding promotions, discounts and packages because of our policy to search for the cheapest product near your location whereas it could be your luck if there would be any additional discounts on the product you are going for after a search.
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    Frequently Asked Question

    Does your app ask for an access to use our phone data i.e. contacts, pictures etc?
    No! The cheapest app doesn’t require any personal information for searching your desired product. This app locates product and store through zip code and location based service which doesn’t require any other information.
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    Frequently Asked Question

    What if I am not satisfied with the demo, will I be entitled to pay for the app?
    No! We are offering a free demo before purchasing to give user a chance to test the essence of this exciting app and then decide to purchase.

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